travelling tree

travelling tree
茂木綾子 写真集
4,000円+税|210mm × 250mm | 132ページ | 上製本
travelling tree
Photographs by Ayako Mogi
4,000JPY|210mm × 250mm | 132 page | hardcover
Design : Bumpei Yorifuji
Published in October 2013

About Book 


本書『travelling tree』には、ヨーロッパで家族をつくり、移動し、ある時期にはサーカスワゴンで暮らした日々の写真を収載した。


"Travelling Tree" collects photos taken by Ayako Mogi during her peregrinations throughout Europe and Japan with her young family. There is perhaps only one recognizable event in this work: the birth of one of Mogi's children. However, "Travelling Tree" is not so much a document of particular events as it is a meditation on the course of moments that make up one's own life. As a result, the images reproduced here are quite abstract; they might focus on experiences like a shared meal, or a rainy day. The impressions that these images generate are intentionally difficult to categorize. Mogi writes: "Within the foggy, indistinct scenes that appear before us in ordinary life, I have tried to listen to soundless voices, feel the thoughts that fail to find words, and see the invisible presences there." Approaching "Traveling Tree" with such sensitivity will yield an enriching experience. Includes English translation of a text by Ayako Mogi.

We live our usual lives in a world full of such riddles as if it were no big deal-myself, the cats, the crows, the weeds, the trees, the bread, the children-yet we are nameless experiences, nothing special, and we know nothing, we simply are, and then eventually cease to be.With my "gaze fixed upon that which disappear," I listen for the soundless voice and look intently at the invisible world, boldly pointing, "Look. Here it is." That is what this book of photographs is about. (from the postscript)

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Artist Information

茂木綾子|Ayako Mogi

1969年 北海道生まれ。東京藝術大学デザイン科中退。
1992年 キヤノン写真新世紀 荒木経惟賞受賞。
2006年よりスイスのラ・コルビエールに暮らし、同地にてジュパジュカンパニーを立ち上げ「Laboratoire Village Nomade」アートプロジェクトの企画、運営を務める。
2009年より淡路島の旧小学校へ移住し、アーティストコミュニティー「ノマド村」を、ヴェルナー ・ペンツェル、下村美佐と共に立ち上げる。

1969 Born in Hokkaido. Lives and works in Nomado-mura(artists community) in Awaji Island. Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, Tokyo(1990-1993)