While Leaves Are Falling...

While Leaves Are Falling...
4000円+税|310 × 220mm|上製本|130ページ
While Leaves Are Falling...
Works of Takahiro Kaneyama
4,000JPY|310 × 220mm|Hardcover
Book Design:Hisaki Matsumoto
Published in January 2017.

※本書は表紙2種です。(表紙A..ひとり 表紙B..3人)中身は同じです。



About Book 


───── シャーロット・コットン(インディペンデント・キュレーター / ライター)


写真家金山貴宏は、離婚した母、祖母、 2人のおばの4人の女性に育てられた。金山が20歳になってまもなく、その母は統合失調症(精神分裂病)と診断される。1999年春、4人の女性の長である祖母が亡くなった。祖母の死後、それまで撮影することがなかった家族の写真を、金山貴宏は撮り始める。それらの写真のほとんどは、アメリカから日本に里帰りするたびに母と2人のおば、犬のケリーと共に旅行した際に撮られたものだ。旅行先はほぼ毎年同じで、祖母を含む家族全員で唯一来たことがある箱根や日光、福島、京都など、母とおばが若い頃から行きたかった場所が多い。




生きていると自分がコントロールできないことにいくつも遭遇する。 時間は無関心を装い、スピードを緩めることなく過ぎ去っていく。
この本は、私の家族である3人の女性を16年に渡って記録した、彼女達が生きてきた証です。 金山貴宏


「記憶をたどる」エリック・シャイナー(サザビーズ コンテンポラリー・アート部門 シニア・バイスプレジデント)

I was raised by four women: my mother, my grandmother, and two aunts who never married. My mother was diagnosed with schizophrenia when I was a teenager. She became a totally different person overnight; it almost seemed as if the history of her life had been erased. I could no longer have a decent conversation with her. The only way to prove who she had been was with photographs from before she became ill. She has been going back and forth between home and the hospital ever since her diagnosis.

When I was 28, my grandmother died. She was the boss among the four women who raised me and had really played the role of a mother to me because of my mother's illness. Losing her was like losing my own mother. The loss of a family member made me acutely aware of how much time had passed without my really noticing. I never thought my family would grow older; it seemed to exist in a timeless place. Before my grandmother died, I rarely took pictures of my family. Afterwards I started photographing them every time I went back to Japan to visit. The best days for us became those when my mother, her two sisters, and I went on short trips around Japan.  

My mother being diagnosed with schizophrenia was life-changing for both my mother and our family. Having seen it happen to her right before our eyes, we then lived our lives with the feeling that anything could happen to anyone at any time. At a time when the general public is still reluctant to talk about mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, it is difficult to get social support and understanding. It is even harder to get people interested in learning more about schizophrenia. For that reason, I decided to record the time and space that my family and I shared, exploring the universal themes of family, aging, and time's passage. My family and I are also trying to make up for memories we never had. For me, these photographs are a vehicle that enables me to travel back and forth between the past and the present. The photographs help me to accept the changes that have taken place and those that are yet to come.  

contribution「Memory Mapping」Eric Shiner(Senior Vice President,Contemporary Art,Sotheby's)  

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Artist Information

金山貴宏 | takahiro kaneyama

1971年東京都生まれ。93年に映画制作を学ぶためにアメリカへ留学。97年ニューヨーク市立大学学士課程 (写真科)を修了する。
2001年School of Visual Arts大学院(ニューヨーク)写真科修士課程修了後、03年国際写真センター(ICP)のドキュメンタリー写真科に籍を置く。
写真展に、07年Japan Society「Making a Home: Japanese Contemporary Artists in New York」(ニューヨーク)、09年「SHUMAFURA」(Miyako Yoshinagaギャラリー/ ニューヨーク)、2012年『Shades of The Departed』(同ギャラリー)がある。
16年NYFA (New York Foundation For The Arts)の写真部門のフェローシップを獲得、同年Light Work Artist-In-Residence(ニューヨーク州シラキュース)に参加。
2017年6月Miyako Yoshinagaギャラリー(ニューヨーク)で個展「While Leaves Are Falling...」を開催予定。