short hope

short hope
宮下マキ 写真集
2,800円+税 | 182 × 257 mm | 100頁 | 並製本
アートディレクション : ミルキィ・イソベ

short hope
Photographs by Maki Miyashita
2,800 Yen | 182 × 257 mm | 100 page | softcover
Art Director : Milky Isobe
ISBN : 978-4-903545-13-4
Published in May 2007

About Book

「short hope」に寄せて

"Short hope" is the result of three years that Maki Miyashita spent photographing the novelist Novala Takemoto. It's an intensely private look at his life--the first photograph shows the outside of his apartment door, and many of the photos were shot inside. Miyashita focuses on many of the details of Takemoto's room, which offers some insight into the character of this writer and musician who's also a pioneer of the recently popular "Gothic" and "Lolita" fashion trends. His apartment is strewn about with gothic accessories, figurines, paintings, clothes, shoes and books. It's not particularly romantic, and when we see Takemoto outside he doesn't look all that comfortable. Despite focusing on a single celebrity, "Short hope" is far from a mindless celebration of Takemoto's genius. It's a direct and sometimes difficult portrait of his existence.

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Artist Information

宮下マキ|Maki MiyashitaHP

1975年 鹿児島市生まれ。
1997年 ガーディアン・ガーデン 第10回写真『ひとつぼ展』グランプリ受賞。
2000年 写真集『部屋と下着』刊行。

1975 Born in Kagoshima
1997 Awarded the Grand Prize of 10th 'Hitotsubo' by Guardian Garden
2000 Published 'Room and Underwear'
Lives and Works in Tokyo