奥山由之『flowers 』

  Book Design:葛西薫  安達祐貴

  Size: H261mm × W216mm
  Page:152 pages
  Binding:Cloth Hardcover

  Published in May 2021

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時折登場する花瓶を持つ手、花を差し出す手 ─ 自身であり他者であるだろうその手は、それぞれの記憶に触れるものです。


Yoshiyuki Okuyama

The book flowers is an imaginary dialogue between Okuyama Yoshiyuki and his late grandmother. The pictures were taken in her house, which Okuyama uses as his atelier. The everyday scenes there, such as beams of light entering a room, or trees swaying in the garden, are the remnants of his beloved grandmother. Okuyama photographs them, flowers in particular, as though enacting the conversation with her that he can no longer have.  


For his flower photos, Yoshiyuki uses 110 film, which his grandfather used as well in the 1980s. This miniature film creates a nostalgic atmosphere that works well with the house's classic decor, its unique ambience.


Flowers are the medium of the imaginary conversation, yet they hint at its impossibility. The out-of-focus image of a flower in the light implies the unreachable. A flower indoors, next to its reflection in the window, or flowers in a vase, isolated from the garden in bloom: these too hint at that gap. The only way to close this distance, the only way to make the conversation feel real, is to keep photographing flowers in his grandmother's house. 


Windows are another key motif in flowers. Okuyama uses them to frame and contrast the energy of the outside world with the dim indoors, and also to convey both the gaze of the artist outward and that of nature inward. 


flowers is full of layers. Multiple perspectives coexist in one image. There is also a layer of family history. We see images of the past, such as old family albums and furniture treasured by Okuyama's grandmother, and he juxtaposes old film types and printing formats with new methods: scanned images and freeze-frames. This variety alludes to the number of eyes that have seen, and are still seeing, the lives in the house. 

There was a gentle calm in my grandmother's eyes.

She had skinny arms and a hard stoop.

She always wore a purple cardigan.

As I sit in this room all day long,

that is how I remember her.

Curiously enough.

I clearly recall her wrinkles and the tone of her voice,

even though I only saw her a few times a year.

In the late afternoon, the bright light that enters the room

has a color I feel I'm seeing for the first time.

The soft clicks of the shutter dissolve in the light,

accentuating the silence.

What was she thinking about?

To her eyes, how did the light look?

Gazing at the dust neatly gathered by the window,

I slowly release the shutter

with feelings of nostalgia and a little regret.

I must not forget.

We become realized, physically and mentally,

when we reflect ourselves off of other people.

That's why we always want someone

to listen to our stories.

That's why the color of the light must have been

too lonely on her own.

A conversation with my grandmother.

And the portrait of my life.


Yoshiyuki Okuyama

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Artist Information 

奥山 由之 おくやま よしゆき)




2016年 第 47 回講談社出版文化賞写真賞受賞

2011年 第 34 回写真新世紀優秀賞受賞


2019年 「白い光」キヤノンギャラリーS、東京

2017年「As the Call, So the Echo」Gallery 916、東京

2016年「君の住む街」 表参道ヒルズ スペース オー、東京

            「Your Choice Knows Your Right」 REDOKURO、東京

            「THE NEW STORY」 POST、東京

            「BACON ICE CREAM」パルコミュージアム、東京

2012年「Girl」 Raum1F、東京


2021年 『flowers』赤々舎

2020年 『The Good Side』 Editions Bessard

2019年 『Girl』BOOTLEG

2018年 『Los Angeles / San Francisco』 Union Publishing

            『POCARI SWEAT』青幻舎

2017年 『As the Call, So the Echo』赤々舎

            『君の住む街』SPACE SHOWER BOOKS


            『THE NEW STORY』私家版



Yoshiyuki Okuyama

1991 Born in Tokyo, Japan Lives and works in Tokyo, Japan


2016 The 47th Kodansha Publishing Culture Awards, Photography Award

2011 The 34th New Cosmos of Photography, Excellent Award

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2019  White Light, Canon Gallery S, Tokyo

2017  As the Call, So the Echo, Gallery 916, Tokyo

          The Town You Live in, Omotesando Hills Space O, Tokyo, Japan

          Your Choice Knows Your Right, Redokuro, Tokyo, Japan

2016  The New Story, Post, Tokyo, Japan

          Bacon Ice Cream, Parco Museum, Tokyo, Japan

2012  Girl, Raum 1F, Tokyo, Japan


2021  flowers, Akaaka Art Publishing, Inc.

2020  The Good Side, Editions Bessard

2019  Girl, Bootleg Publishing

2018  Los Angeles / San Francisco, Union Publishing

          Pocari Sweat, Seigensha Art Publishing

2017  As the Call, So the Echo, Akaaka Art Publishing, Inc.

          The Town You Live in, Space Shower Books

2015  Bacon Ice Cream, Parco Publishing

          The New Story, Self-publishing

          march, Self-publishing

2012  Girl, Plancton

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