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  Size: H303mm × W225mm
  Page:218 pages
  Binding:Hardcover (with cushion material in the cover)
  Language:Japanese, English

  2 types of covers(Same Contents)

  Published in March 2024 
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About Book




本書は、飯川が 2007年から手掛け続けてきた「デコレータークラブ」のほぼ全作を豊富な図版と飯川による書きおろしのテキストで紹介するほか、木村絵理子、イ・アルム、五十嵐太郎ら有識者の論考を和英併記で収録しています。 また後半は、せんだいメディアテークと共に初の公共空間(公園)での《ピンクの猫の小林さん》の展示を目指し、 一旦断念に至った経緯を貴重な実践録として収録しています。 

プロジェクトを断念したのはなぜか?一筋縄ではいかない作品をめぐって編まれた、飯川の活動を知るための必読書となるとともに、アートプロジェクトの在り方に再考を促す 1 冊です。

《ピンクの猫の小林さん》トートバッグ & ぬいぐるみ付き 3点セットはこちらから


はじめに Preface








本書収録 各論考より抜粋


── 木村絵理子(キュレーター、弘前れんが倉庫美術館館長)

── イ・アルム(美学研究者、YPC SPACE [ソウル] 共同ディレクター)

── 五十嵐太郎(建築史・建築批評)


── 甲斐賢治(せんだいメディアテークアーティスティック・ディレクター)


Iikawa Takahiro 

"It's not that I want to make big things." Work was moving forward on a plan to install one of the artist likawa Takehiro's key works, Decorator Crab - Mr. Kobayashi the Pink Cat, in a park in Sendai. Measuring 26 meters high, 28 meters wide, and four meters deep, the piece was equivalent in size to a normal eight-story building. Behind the superficial catchiness of the gigantic, pink, eye-catching work was a scheme to change our way of seeing and acting without us noticing. However, despite a variety of adjustments to many different aspects of the work and high expectations around its completion, the work was ultimately never realized.

In addition to attempting to understand things like the con- cept behind the Decorator Crab series, and the conditions necessary to complete these works, through images and essays, this book sets out to document a case in which a process proved impossible to execute, leading an art project to remain unrealized.

The first half of the book contains images of works based on the Decorator Crab concept that likawa launched in 2007, as well as essays by learned individuals. These deal with subjects such as how likawa's awareness of issues like vision and perception are reflected in his works, and how he came to make works that are premised on involving the viewer.

The second half traces likawa's Sendai project from the be- ginning, and the Mr. Kobayashi the Pink Cat proposal from conception until abandonment, through photographs and documents. It also sheds light on the conditions surrounding the work, which like a real cat was willful and did not behave as expected, by addressing questions such as why likawa conceived of a work of such immense size, and why it proved impossible to realize, from the perspective of both the artist and the management.

The book is intended as a collection of likawa Takehiro's works until this time and also a reference source focusing on the case of an art project designed for a public space. It is our hope that many artists and people who are considering working with artists will read it.

Sendai Art Node Project

(sendai mediatheque)


"Contemporary public sculptures that are rooted in these conditions provoke actions in real spaces, stimulate discussion, and make an impact on viewers in virtual spaces as in the physical world."

── Kimura Eriko(Curator / Deputy Director and Chief Curator, Hirosaki Museum of Contemporary Art)

《Can Sculpture Camouflage Itself in Public Spaces? 》

"Still, as discussed earlier, the artist's expression of "Kawaii" is more complex than that. This somewhat aligns with the notion that Kawaii is not so much a plain form of art in the actual sense." 

── Lee Areum(Aesthetics Researcher, Co-director of YPC SPACE [Seoul, South Korea])

《Rise of the Kawaii Monster -- Meeting Mr. Kobayashi the Pink Cat》 

"Reactions to artists' seemingly preposterous ideas may serve as a barometer of a city's tolerance and vibrancy." 

── Igarashi Taro(Architectural historian and critic)

《Transforming Landscape Through the Power of Imagination》 

"For Iikawa and the Decorator Crab strategy of catalyzing "unforeseen encounters," impact isn't limited to the mental"massage" of viewers' immediate reactions of confusion or delight, like "How cute!" "But it's impossible to get the whole thing in one photo!" The work's appeal could also spark administrative efforts toward its materialization."  

── Kai Kenji(Artistic Director, Sendai Mediatheque)

Roundtable Discussion 《Toward a Sendai Edition of Mr. Kobayashi the Pink Cat》


 14 はじめに

 第1章 作品・プロジェクト

 20    デコレータークラブ・ガイドブック
 26  ベリーヘビーバッグ
 32  衝動とその周辺にあるもの
 40  ピンクの猫の小林さん
 52  配置・調整・周遊
 62  遠近の設計図
 68  知覚を拒む
 74  0人もしくは1人以上の観客に向けて
 102  新しい観客
 108  未来の猫のための定規

 第2章 論考

 114 木村絵理子
 124 イ・アルム
 「カワイイ」 怪獣の出現: 《ピンクの猫の小林さん》 と対面する
 132 五十嵐太郎
 想像力を通じて、 風景を変容させる

 第3章 仙台でのプロジェクト記録

 144 ファクトシート:プロジェクト概要
 148 タイムライン
 160 座談会 |《ピンクの猫の小林さん》 仙台版への道のり
 180 飯川雄大 | 長い仕事
 190 甲斐賢治 |「化け猫」 が街にもたらしえるもの
 196 年譜

 14  Preface

 Chapter 1: Works / Projects

 20  Decorator Crab Guidebook
 26  Very Heavy Bag
 32  Impulses and Things Around Them
 40  Mr. Kobayashi the Pink Cat
 52  Arrangement, Adjustment, Movement
 62  Probable Perspective 
 68  Intercepting Perception
 74  Expecting Spectators
 102  Make Space, Use Space
 108  Measure for My Future Cat

 Chapter 2: Essays

 119  Can Sculpture Camouflage Itself in Public Spaces?
    Kimura Eriko
 128  Rise of The Kawall Monster
    Confronting Mr. Kobayashi the Pink Cat
    Lee Areum
 136  Transforming Landscape Through the Power of Imagination
    Igarashi Taro

 Chapter 3: Sendai Project Report

 146  Fact Sheet: Project Outline
 155  Timeline
 170  Roundtable Discussion:
    Toward a Sendai Edition of Mr. Kobayashi the Pink Cat
 184  Expanded Work|likawa Takehiro
 192  What a "Spectral Cat" Offers a City|Kai Kenji

 200  Chronology
 206  Artist Resume
 208  List of Works/Credits 

編集: 甲斐賢治、田中千秋、 丹治圭蔵(せんだいメディアテーク)、内田伸一  
翻訳: クリストファー・スティヴンズ、平野真弓、ペンギン翻訳(加藤久美子、 杉山千枝、 金徳喜、 ケリー・ニッセン)
Edited by Kai Kenji, Tanaka Chiaki, Tanji Keizo (Sendai Mediatheque),Uchida Shinichi  
Translated by Christopher Stephens Hirano Mayumi Penguin Translation (Kato Kumiko, Carole Sugiyama, Kim Doki, Kellie Nissen) 
 Designed by Takami Kiyoshi (view from above) 

Related Exhibition

飯川雄大 個展



会場:CAPSULE(東京都世田谷区池尻 2-7-12 B1)


オープニング・トーク:6月1日 17:00〜 参加無料



"I think you are cool when you are sitting down." (2015)
pencil on paper, 21.0 × 29.7 cm
© Iikawa Takehiro

飯川雄大 参加企画展




休廊:月曜(7/15、8/12は開館)、および、7/16、8/13 休廊


飯川雄大 参加企画展
「What's art? アートって、なに? ~ミュージアムで過ごす、みる・しる・あそぶの夏やすみ」






Artist Information 


1981年兵庫県生まれ。現在、神戸を拠点に活動。成安造形大学情報デザイン学科ビデオクラスを卒業。 2007年から〈デコレータークラブ〉の制作を始める。鑑賞者が作品に関わることで変容していく物や 空間が、別の場所で同時に起きる事象と繋がる《0 人もしくは 1 人以上の観客に向けて》(2019 ―)、全貌を捉えることのできない大きな猫の立体作品《ピンクの猫の小林さん》(2016 ―)などを制作し、鑑賞者の行為によって起きる偶然をポジティブに捉え、見るものに思考を誘発しながら展開している。 
主な個展に、「未来のための定規と縄」(鹿児島県霧島アートの森、2023年)、「同時に起きる、もしくは遅れて気づく」(彫刻の森美術館、2022年)、「0人もしくは1人以上の観客に向けて」(千葉市美術館、2021)、主なグループ展に『感覚の領域 今、「経験する」』(国立国際美術館、2022年)、「ヨコハマトリエンナーレ 2020」(PLOT48、2020年)、「六本木クロッ シング 2019 展」(森美術館、2019年 ) などがある。




2023 神戸市文化奨励賞
2022 兵庫県芸術奨励賞
2017 ゲンビどこでも企画公募展 高嶺格賞、広島市現代美術館
2002 GRANTS AND AWARDS 2002 "Young Video Artists Initiative" 入選

Iikawa Takehiro

Born in Hyogo Prefecture in 1981; currently based in Kobe. likawa is a graduate of Seian University of Art and Design. In 2007, he began making the Decorator Crab series. His numerous works include Decorator Crab - Expecting Spectators, in which objects and spaces are transformed by the viewer's active involvement; Very Heavy Bag, a bag that appears to have been forgotten; and Decorator Crab - Mr. Kobayashi the Pink Cat, a sculpture so large that it cannot be viewed in its entirety. likawa's works provoke thought and taking a positive attitude toward chance events, which are caused by the viewer's actions.

Iikawa has many Solo Exhibitions, Group Exhibitions, Video Screenings, Residencies, and Collaborations, including  "Decorator Crab - Measuring the Future, Pulling Time" (Kirishima Open Air Museum, 2023),"Decorator Crab -Occurring simultaneously or awareness being delayed" (The Hakone Open-Air Museum, 2022),"Art Lab 04: DECORATORCRAB - Expecting Spectator -" (Chiba City Museum of Art, 2021),"Yokohama Triennale 2020--Afterglow" (Yokohama Museum of Art & PLOT 48, 2020), and "Roppongi Crossing 2019: Connexions" (Mori Art Museum, 2019).

Public Collections

Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art, Japan Takamatsu Art Museum, Kagawa, Japan


2023 Kobe City Cultural Encouragement Award

2022 Hyogo Prefecture Art Encouragement Award

2017 Takamine Tadasu Award, Genbi Dokodemo Kikaku Kobo 2017, Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art

2002 Selected Grants And Awards 2002 "Young Video Artists Initiative"

 (collaborative work with Nishihara Akira), Mori Art Museum